Financial planning

How to meet your goals with proper financial planning

financial planning

While you might have goals that you would want to achieve, you need to plan your finances accordingly around the kind of goals you have set for yourself.   Short, medium or long term it is important to make a plan and follow up. It would be best if you remembered to have realistic goals you can achieve rather than goals that are unattainable in the set period.

Make time to organize

Time is money. All you need to do is spend enough time formulate a financial plan. Organizing your finances every week is an excellent habit to develop and help you have control of how you manage your finances. Make sure you keep all the Financial documents required handy and have a digital copy of everything saved and accessible only to you when needed.


Detect avoidable Expenses

Be fully aware and cautious about what you spend your money on. Track down what you are spending money on more than you should. Make a list of your unavoidable expenses and allocate a fixed amount every month for those activities. Try to make a list of unnecessary activities you spend money on every day and try to avoid it. By doing this, you will be able to save a lot of money.

Shop only when it’s necessary

We often see an offer or a discount and immediately order whatever it is, even though we might not need it. We must control that urge to shop and only buy what is necessary at the moment. It is okay to pamper yourself once in a while but before you spend money on something, stop and think if you need it or are you buying it because it excites you at the moment. When you purchase something that is necessary, buy large quantities so you can save some money on bulk order and avoid going to shop frequently.


Prioritize paying off your debts

Make sure you know who you owe your money to and clear all your debts while you have cash with you and before you spend it on something unnecessary. The unpaid debt will only accumulate into a mountain of debt which will be challenging to repay later. Pay off your debts when it is still a meagre amount. Paying off your debts gives you a sense of freedom too. Remember that it is okay to slog a little harder until your debts are paid off, if needed, get a second job or have a side hustle. Don’t borrow loans from multiple banks and ruin your credit score.

Save up for the future and invest in the right places so that you get better returns. When you are financially sound, you can follow your dreams and achieve your goals. When you have a good reputation for paying off your debts sooner, you can borrow again in the future if needed.

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